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Chocoter is a family run company which has been dedicated to the manufacturing and commerce of its confectionary products for over 80 years, some of which are of great importance within the regional county of Aragon.

Manuel, Jose and Fernando Caro run the company, laying down with optimism the increase of their products in traditional markets and breaking through to new ones thanks to their modern ways of production, carefully selection of raw material and productive processes strictly under supervision as well as their neat customer service.

Chocoter origins go back to the 1930’s when Mr. Manuel Caro Gormaz begins his activity in Calatayud, opening a confectionary workroom and selling in his shop the products that he manufactures.

From the very beginning, his business is based upon the high quality of everything he manufactures. Later on, at the beginning of the sixties, his son Manuel Caro Bueno joins in and the company, which nowadays is known as Chocoter, begins to take shape.

It is not long before his products go beyond the local boundaries, setting widely across Spain. The plant in Calatayud acquires new production lines, able to supply the confectionary product demand.
It is at that very moment when industrialised products begin to be produced which were up until then hand crafted such as ‘fruits of Aragon’ ‘guirlachicos’ ‘maraschino cherries’ ‘orange delights’ etc. all of which break through in the national market.

It is in 1987, with a well established, experienced and developed company when Manuel Caro Bueno suddenly passes away at the early age of 50. His sons Manuel and José then aged 24 and 21 respectively take the reins of the company, finishing its development with the help of the experienced company’s staff, bearing fruit soon after that.

After the years and once he has completed specific training abroad, Fernando Caro, a third brother joins the company as Production Manager in the new plant located in Terrer, 7 km far from Calatayud.

Chocoter has dedicated production lines for Fruit of Aragon, Maraschino Cherries, Guirlachicos, Orange delights and other confectionary products. The company has cutting-edge technology which is frequently updated and staff who posses a well-experienced career. The number of staff, which increases the bigger the demand, varies according to the company’s necessities employing up to 50 workers.

The investments made in the last few years have given the company modern ways of production, thus increasing the manufacturing capabilities and meeting the needs of the constant changing environment.

The company is carefully facing the present economic crisis with a wise investment policy which lets them manoeuvre with ease. During this time of recession, the company is able to keep up with the usual sales figures thanks to their leadership rank in the market and with margins that let them react swiftly.

From their origins, the Caro family have not changed their principles with regard to manufacturing products of great quality. Thorough quality controls, so present these days, have always been applied to their products and a careful selection of raw materials, strict and productive processes are their assets.

Their products are distributed across Spain, from supermarkets to small businesses with a wide reference catalogue in order to reach every place with the most adequate delivery.

Chocoter supplies directly to the market with a commercial team formed by young people. It has had a well established market abroad for years, which at present is expanding. In addition, Chocoter regularly takes part in the main international fairs, where their high quality products get to be known.

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