New APPLE cubbox

As shown in ISM Fair, we are pleasant to present the new APPLE cubbox. In order to enhance the cubbox range for export we have launched this thin apple segments covered in or best dark chocolate. Check the details HERE  


One more year we will attend ISM 18 The future of the confectionery world begins here: at the ISM 2018, the largest and most important business and communication platform in the industry. With the entire product range of sweets and snacks, with all the innovations and trends and with an increased focus on further products

CARO on TVE Prime Time program

On October 2016 the 10th, Spanish National TV cameras visited us again to make a report showing our chocolates manufacturer process and, specially, our “adoquines” typical and regional hard sweets with a large tradition in our region. Click on the video below to play      


Chocoter is a family run company which has been dedicated to the manufacturing and commerce of its confectionary products for over 80 years, some of which are of great importance within the regional county of Aragon. Manuel, Jose and Fernando Caro run the company, laying down with optimism the increase of their products in traditional