about us

Caro is a young company, committed to traditional confectionery methods. It has a manufacturing plant with production lines for all types of chocolate articles and their packaging in all sizes.

It combines the most advanced technology with traditional methods and a highly qualified work force.
The plant has its own refrigerated stores to ensure that all products are distributed in the best possible condition.

Caro’s own commercial department, which provides individual attention to our customers and distributors, completes the production cycle of our product range.

What we offer

We are the manufacturers of the traditional “FRUITS OF ARAGON”, which consist of a carefully selected choice of crystallized fruits covered in chocolate. From the assorted selection of fruits, we have specialised in cherries, which we soak in anisette liqueur before covering them in chocolate, as well as delicacies of orange, fine slices of crystallized orange covered in chocolate.

Our chocolate, whether dark or milk chocolate, is also produced in blocks, wrapped in traditional rag paper, and is ideal for gifts or for your own pleasure.
We provide special presentation boxes for the food sector and gift shops, making our products accessible to the most demanding customers.

Caro - Family Products
Caro - Materia Prima

For real chocoholics

Caro is dedicated to the production of chocolate confectionery articles. It is based in the county that introduced chocolate into Europe 500 years ago, and where the most exquisite fruits are produced.

Caro maintains the tradition of hand-made confectionery and benefits from the most advanced technology. It offers an extensive range of products combining pure bitter chocolate with sweet crystallized fruit, enhancing flavours with hints of liqueur…